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Qingdao famous crown Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Mingguan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is a transparent tape, a greenhouse repair tape, double-sided tape, warning tape, kraft paper tape, masking tape, foam tape, stationery tape, cloth tape, glue, printing tape, color tape, Vegetable tape, tie tape, cleaning tape, Taobao special tape, stretch film, protective film, mask film, bubble film and other products professional production and processing companies, has a complete, scientific quality management system. 

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Choose our advantageSo that you can really save your mind and labor without any worries.


Experienced, professional technology

1513675847355012.png  Our factory has a group of talents with rich management experience and comprehensive professional skills.

1513675847355012.png  Customers can trust our technology and trust us

Green environmental protection, more cost-effective

1513675847355012.png  Provide customers with pre-sales consultation, solve customer questions, and let customers feel at ease with us

1513675847355012.png  Provide customers with all problems after sale, so that customers can be free from worries

Scale production, delivery in time

1513675847355012.png  The company has a large-scale factory and fully automated equipment

1513675847355012.png1513675847355012.png  Regular products ensure timely delivery without delaying customer time

Factory direct selling. High quality and inexpensive

1513675847355012.png Factory direct supply, no other intermediate channel to earn the difference

1513675847355012.png Save customer cost, balance choice between quality and price

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Company Name: Qingdao Mingguan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.

Contact: Kong Manager

Phone: 0532-89069088

Mobile: 13455227888

Website: www.enqdmingguan.com

Address: No. 528 Huashan 1st Road, Jimo District, Qingdao

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Tel: 0532-89069088

Mobile: 13455227888

Address: No. 528 Huashan 1st Road, Jimo District, Qingdao

Post Code: 266209

Website: www.enqdmingguan.com

Mail Box: 361715187@qq.com

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