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Lets find out what kinds of tape Qingdao has

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The development of tape is very rapid. It can be said that tape is used in all aspects of life. There are many types of tape, and each type has its specific purpose.

1. BOPP sealing tape (including ordinary sealing tape, printing tape and high adhesion anti-freeze tape)

This series of products mainly poly acrylic film, special poly acrylic film, acrylic adhesive and water-based acrylic adhesive as raw material, has posted a smooth, suitable for general sealing pastes and fixed fixed and ultra-low temperature environment of the packaging, widely used in food, beverage supermarket sealing of enterprise product packaging professional image, boutique, gift packaging, sealing of developed countries or environmental control area.

2. Beauty paper tape (including plain and wrinkle paper)

And anticorrosion adhesive tape is different, this series of products with crepe paper and coloured crepe paper, rubber plastic as raw materials, such as have no incomplete glue, easy to use, widely used in high temperature environment, spray paint protection treatment under normal temperature environment, protect the fixed function, apply to electronic, hardware, electrical appliances and other industries of the lacquer that bake and fixed, stationery and office building industries.

Qingdao tape


3. Double-sided tape (including ordinary double-sided tape, foam tape, white oil glue, butter glue)

This series of products are mainly made of high quality cotton paper and special acrylic adhesive, which has the characteristics of strong adhesion, cold resistance, good adhesion and non-deterioration.

4. Kraft paper tape (including hot-melt adhesive kraft paper, rubber kraft paper, white kraft paper)

High temperature kraft paper, acrylic glue, ink as raw materials, with instant high temperature resistance, smooth paste, smooth glue surface, strong connecting force; Easy to tear, not easy to deteriorate; The adhesive strength is very strong, it can be burned, buried and pollution-free.

Stationery tape

It is made of polypropylene and special acrylic glue, which can be given as gifts. It is environmentally friendly and convenient to use.

PVC electrical tape

High voltage and weather resistance; The color is various, has the mute light, the smooth surface divides; In accordance with the certification of UL and CSA of the United States and other countries, flexible PVC film, high flexibility, easy winding, corrosion prevention, protection effect, used for high temperature automotive wire bundles and electrical insulation wire wrapping, high voltage cable connections and color separation, also for special insulation treatment.

7. Duct tape (including single-sided cloth base and double-sided cloth base)

This series of products mainly use waterproof cloth, rubber glue and thermal sol as raw materials, and have various colors. They can be used for color separation in construction operation areas and strong moisture resistance.

Aluminum foil tape

And the difference between polyethylene tape is, this series of products mainly aluminum foil, acrylic rubber and special acrylic rubber as raw material, with no backing paper, various thickness, insulation, and resistance to high temperature and the different characteristics of the various models, and is suitable for hardware, electric appliance, auto, central air-conditioning pipe connection within the building, is widely used in aircraft aviation maintenance, electronic processing, automobile high-temperature processing.

Ix. Polyimide tape (gold finger tape /KAPTON tape)

Polyimide tape is based on polyimide film and silica gel. High insulation grade, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, radiation resistance, high grade electrical insulation and lithium battery positive and negative pole ear fixation, and suitable for PCB wave soldering, to protect the gold finger.

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