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I understand the reason why the edge of the tape is upturned.

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When we check the tape again after using it for a while, we will find that some of the tape has been raised at the edge. What is the cause of the tape lifting? Let's follow the tape manufacturer to find out.

The reason for the tape lifting can be analyzed from the quality of the tape itself, the method of use, and the storage method. First of all, the adhesiveness of the tape is not big enough. This is because we did not judge the quality of the tape when purchasing the tape. Some small or inferior manufacturers were cheap because of the purchased raw materials, which caused the tape to be very sticky or not sticky. . Therefore, we must master the purchasing skills of the tape when buying the tape, and secondly, we need to understand the strength of the tape manufacturer when purchasing the tape. The tape manufacturer with the strength is also a guarantee for the quality of the tape.

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Secondly, when using the tape, we need to press hard, so that the corners of the account are combined with the adhesive, so as to maximize the viscosity of the tape.

Finally, the storage environment should not have water after the tape is pasted, and it should not be excessively moist. Excessive moisture can make the glue of the tape non-sticky.

The above is the best way to ensure the adhesion of the tape, so we need to pay careful attention when using the tape.

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