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How can I extend the life of the tape?

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Everyone wants to use the tape to get the longest time, but it is often unsatisfactory. What is the reason for the tape's service life is shortened? What are the reasons we can avoid it.

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Reasons to shorten the life of the tape can be avoided

       1. Oxygen, because the oxygen content in the air accounts for 21%, and oxygen has the property of accelerating the oxidation of the substance, the activity is very heavy, causing rapid oxidation of the tape, which causes the tape to become "old". However, we should not let the tape appear when the tape is applied. Of course, for the breathable tape, this factor is inevitable.

2, ultraviolet (sunlight), ultraviolet light has high temperature characteristics can quickly decompose viscous substances, long-term exposure to the sun under the tape will be broken down, causing the tape aging. Look at the use of the tape, see if you can not expose the object to the sun.

3, plasticizer, its main function is to soften the plastic, and most of the plastic products contain plasticizers, as time changes, the material itself contains more plasticizer proportion, resulting in the aging of the tape Wait. Under the long-term influence of various factors above, the tape may be deteriorated, softened, solidified, and lost in viscosity.

4, metal, especially brass or rust, in the daily life any organic compound matter can chemically react with metals, especially brass or rust, while the tape contains organic compounds, which lead to tape aging. Many metals will be coated with a tape protective film, or some parts need to be used. This requires attention to the use of the tape, avoiding the tape.

Parts fall off even more severely.

5, bleach, its main component is calcium oxide, which contains calcium elements and chemical reactions with organic compounds. This is generally rare. Buying good quality tape is the most effective way to increase the life of the tape.

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