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Tape factory for you to parse tape little-known use

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All kinds of adhesive tape can be seen everywhere in our life, but we only use the conventional use of adhesive tape, but we don't know that there are some little-known USES of adhesive tape. Below, the Qingdao tape factory shares the little-known USES of tape.

1, sticky hair: the hair on the floor, carpet is nasty disrelish, knead it cannot afford, sweep it inexhaustible, brush it not to walk, how does the family member have the black silk metabolism of hundreds of root everyday, how to do? Stick! Find a roll of wide tape, use it and click it, then discard it, even the dust on the ground disappeared. Look, it's as simple as that!

2. Replace strapping rope: tape for strapping rope? Certainly. Especially in times of scarcity. Whether the tape can be used to seal the box, it can also be transformed into a rope, sealed up and down a few left and right sides, and reserve a portable position (remember more this position can also be wrapped with the tape a few times, which can disperse the force and reduce the burden of the hand).

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3. Make lifting rope: lifting heavy objects, hands hurt? Afraid of blister? Tape factory tells you, need to carry on a few circles on the back strap, hands are so free!

4. Correction: does the correction fluid contain toxic chemical ingredients? What's the way to correct the mistake, with the eraser? Stick it with tape. It's harmless. Kids know it. What a clever thing they did!

5. Trim the hem of trousers/skirt/hem: the hem of trousers/skirt/hem of clothes suddenly takes off, who hasn't met it? Just make it home, but what if you don't want people laughing behind their backs? Always have a narrow roll of double-sided tape bar, 100 try a hundred clever, so gently a stick, and then with the finger belly so a pinch, there is no fault!

Clothes dusting: who doesn't have a few favorite black clothes? But a black dress can't be accepted by anyone who is accidentally covered with the fluff from other clothes. From the elegant party dress to the kitchen dishcloth, don't worry.

7. Gift decoration: DIY is not a patent, and hand-packaged gifts are sincere enough to be sent out. This is not only for Christmas. With traditional wrapping paper and ribbon, of course, beautiful, but quite troublesome, it is not as professional as the gift shop. Use book wrapping tape and silk tape. Book wrapping tape is a low-adhesion product. It is very suitable to be attached to the gift box. Try it, save more than half your time, and pack a professional standard!

After reading the above explanation, did you know Qingdao tape again? Original Qingdao tape still has so many convenient and practical small application, go to try quickly!

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