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The characteristics of the product and precautions in operation of the adhesive tape

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Duct tape manufacturers produce the same type of tape that is widely used, but there are a few caveats when it is used.

First of all, the adhesive should be kept dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesive effect of the tape. To apply a certain amount of stress, so that tape and adhesive can have a good combination. When its use function is completed, the tape should be removed as soon as possible to avoid the phenomenon of residual glue. Do not have the tape that fights UV function, want to avoid sunshine illuminate, because appear residual glue phenomenon. Different environments and different adhesives, the same tape will show different results, you have to try it before use. Store them in categories.

Crepe tape


This is what you should pay attention to when using the adhesive tape. You should pay attention to it when you use it, because it is related to the quality and effect of our use.

Mei-wen adhesive tape is a self-adhesive tape with resin impregnated corrugated paper as the base material. It has a special composition of immobilized adhesive, which has good solvent resistance and high temperature resistance. It can be easily bent into a curve, will not break, so you can use it safely. Its viscosity retention is good, even under pressure with good performance. Easy to tear, easy to operate. Good docile, solution volume is moderate, but also has certain smoothness, users won't cause skin 勄 feeling.

It will not break into pieces when it is used, and it can instantly generate viscosity, and it will not lose color. In this way, it has a good effect when it is used.

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