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How to better wholesale and use tape

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We know that the appearance of adhesive tape has brought great convenience to our life, especially the continuous demand of the last two years. Today we will follow the Qingdao adhesive tape manufacturer to understand it.

We know that the requirements for storing tape are quite strict. First, when we store the tape in the warehouse, we want to avoid the sun and rain. Ban on contact with acid and alkali oil, organic solvent, keep clean and dry, found from device 1 m, room temperature between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃, tape should be a place, do not fold, when storage time too long, should flip a quarterly. And when we load and unload the products, we'd better use the crane, so as to avoid damage to the side of the belt, do not rough handling, resulting in loose coil sling.

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The rubber belt manufacturer also told us that for different types of tape, the specifications should be selected according to the use needs and specific conditions.

There are many living materials in our life, each of which has its own role in our life, while some living materials, though not very large, play a very large role. For example, for the use of products such as adhesive tape, it has become an indispensable use material in our life. In many cases, people will directly think of using tape to solve various problems in life.

Tape wholesale think a tape in the development of business is a kind of industry, but if you want to do this, first of all, we want to know more knowledge of belt, because now metasomatic type are many, each belt has its own performance, and the use of adhesive tape and some special properties, for these knowledge, merchants will try to learn more, and imparting the knowledge in a timely manner to the customer.

When the tape is stored in wholesale, first of all, the storage space should not be too hot, because this will make the tape will lose the use effect.

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