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Really long knowledge, talk about tape shopping skills

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On the packaging, each manufacturer should have a very good standard, it can directly see your service attitude, so you should be careful packing tape quality of choose and buy, we are manufacturer of packing tape is one of the largest and most expensive on the market of choose and buy, first, more durable, second, you should be more quality, as long as try a few times can know his quality!

1. The first thing you need to do to get the tape is to first use your hand to feel that it is not sticky enough, can you feel your requirements?

2. Put the tape on your nose and smell it. If the smell stinks or is strong enough to indicate that the glue is of poor quality, do not buy it.

3. For the tape of the same specification (refer to the length, width and thickness of a single layer), the thickness of a single layer of adhesive paper and the tension resistance of the tape shall be first seen. Make sure you choose good tensile strength. The thickness depends on the buyer's choice.

Qingdao tape  

Here are some kinds of Qingdao tape

Electrical tape

Made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and coated with UL special rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has good characteristics of insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance, etc., suitable for automotive wire bundles, wire winding, insulation protection, demagnetization coil, communication wiring and so on.

Industrial tape

Made of PVC film and coated with special rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has good winding ability, acid and alkali resistance, wear-resisting, oil resistance, and anti-fading. It is suitable for road, pillar, warning area and pipeline protection.

Packing tape

Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and coated with special rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has the advantages of easy tear, strong adhesion, good weather resistance and strong tensile strength, etc.

4. Protect the tape

Made of PVC film and coated with special rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, it is easy to tear, not residual glue, good processing and good adhesion. It is suitable for surface protection of furniture, sound box, wood grain board, shoe material, color steel, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, etc.

As for the quality of adhesive tape, everyone pays attention to it. It seems that adhesive tape is very simple.

Similarly, the selection of adhesive tape can be seen from hand to hand. From the side of Qingdao adhesive tape, the tightly rolled adhesive tape looks very strong, and the loose rolled tape looks soft and soft, some of which even have cracks. Therefore, the selection of adhesive tape is not easy to break, high viscosity; The amount of tape should be sufficient; You can use your finger to press the tape hard from the back of the tape. It feels very hard. The tape is tightly rolled.

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