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How to avoid longitudinal tearing of tape

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Users who use Qingdao adhesive tape frequently should have experienced the phenomenon of longitudinal tearing of the tape, which is quite normal and easy to occur. Have you ever thought about the reason? Transparent tape wholesale for us to make a reasonable explanation.

If we use the tape with a large single-sided deviation, then a fold or fold is formed on one side, which is caused by the unbalanced tension we apply to it, or by the scratches on the outside, then it may not be able to hold on and tear. Therefore, when we use it, we should pay attention to this problem, uniform force, careful use, do not let the tape tear.

In fact, there is another reason, that is, the quality of the tape we buy is not up to standard, some transparent tape wholesale to save costs, in the production of tape, cut corners. In this way, no matter how carefully we use it, it will be hard to escape being torn apart.

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There are many types of products of Qingdao tape manufacturer, among which transparent tape is a major product, but it may break down in the use process, which is very bad for transparent tape wholesaler. So, how to prevent the transparent tape from breaking?

When you receive the packing tape, please pay attention to not using the knife to cut directly from the middle, to cut from both ends, the knife should not be too deep, the thickness of the carton is very thin, the knife is too strong, will cut to the above contact packaging tape. During the use of packaging tape, the rubber body can not be touched by sharp objects. The packaging tape is fragile and should not be damaged as much as possible. The packaging tape used is regular. If it has been broken from one place all the time, it may have been damaged.

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