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Say a small skill, how to remove the glue mark of transparent tape

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Home a lot of things have the trace of scotch tape residue, clean or not clean, all feel good, I believe you have the same trouble, transparent tape to paste the time is too long, usually with black not to slip traces of, want to remove all but one big project, but we as long as mastering the technique of removal of trace, trace can easily remove the two-side glue stick, scotch tape wholesalers are compiled for everybody below five small method.

1. Blower detracting method:

We can use a hair dryer to heat the place where the adhesive tape is attached to it until it is softened and the glue is torn off.

2. White flower oil:

If it is a transparent adhesive tape with a certain amount of time, you can use white oil to apply it to the place where there is a transparent adhesive tape, and then wipe it off with a cloth until it is clean.

3. Refined wind, low oil:

Hyaluronic oil essence and drop to hit oil also can purify transparent glue mark this everybody certainly does not know, in the place that has double sided glue stick mark besmear drop to hit oil or wind oil essence, carry on again and again next wipe can remove double sided glue stick mark.

4. Eraser:

For small area of transparent adhesive tape marks we can use eraser to erase it.

5. Industrial alcohol:

Large area of transparent adhesive paste traces can also be removed with industrial alcohol.

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