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Qingdao tape factory introduces the transparent tape used at ordinary times how to make

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     The production process of products made by transparent tape wholesalers is a relatively simple one among many tape production processes, but every link needs to be careful and careful in order to improve the quality of tape. But because people do not know him very well, Qingdao tape factory today to take you to understand.

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We know that the steps of the product are quite strict. For example, we need to go through the high voltage corona on the basis of BOPP protofilm, which makes one side surface rough. You need to put some glue on this side and divide it into small rolls. It's made into clear tape that we use a lot. Finally, the quality of the tape must be inspected before the qualified products can be sold. Finally, we need to pay attention to the storage environment, which is related to the product life.

We can use the tape according to the actual situation according to different operating conditions in different environments, and choose good quality tape when purchasing. Only in this way can the best use of the tape.

The products produced by transparent tape wholesaler are based on the original BOPP film. After high voltage corona, one side of the surface is rough and coated with glue. Let's find out today.

The glue we use is acrylate glue, which is mainly tincture grease. Tincture grease is a kind of high molecular material, the temperature has certain influence on the molecular activity. The tincture fat content of glue directly affects the usage of adhesive tape. The initial adhesion force of the normal sealing tape is between 13 and 13 (steel ball number). The thickness of the adhesive tape is generally 22 microns, which is the standard thickness. For colored tape is for convenient marking and shading purposes, usually beige and khaki-colored more.

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