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How much tape means to us is ignored

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The appearance of adhesive tape makes people use it to connect two objects that do not want to be connected. As people's demand changes continuously, the type of adhesive tape is also increasing. Now let Qingdao adhesive tape factory introduce it to us.

Today's adhesives are mainly made of various polymers. The materials used to make adhesive vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. When using tape, the adhesive molecules on the tape can form a bond with the object they want to connect to, making the molecules stick tightly together. Now common types of tape are BOPP tape, cloth base tape, kraft tape, American paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape and so on. Tape is made by coating the substrate with adhesive, used to connect two or more unrelated objects. At the beginning of the 20th century, americans invented transparent adhesive tape. At that time, adhesive of transparent adhesive tape was mainly extracted from plants and animals. Later, with rubber, people began to use rubber as the main material for making adhesive.

For the use of adhesive tape, we always keep a copy in our home, and different types of adhesive tape are used for different purposes. Today we will let the transparent tape wholesaler explain to us.

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       When using adhesive tape, we should decide according to its specific conditions. Different types and specifications of transparent tape should be reasonably selected according to the use needs and specific conditions. And should not be different kinds, different specifications, models, strength, cloth layer number of transparent tape used together, and transparent tape should be placed into a roll, not folded, stored for a long time should be rolled over every season. Then, transparent tape should enter the warehouse to avoid the sun and rain; Do not contact with acid-base oil organic solvent, keep clean and dry.

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