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Tape factory teaches you how to make double-sided tape play better

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       We are familiar with the tape produced by the tape manufacturer, because we use tape almost every day in our lives. Whether it is transparent tape or double-sided tape, it provides us with many conveniences. However, we must use the tape correctly in order to play the better use and use value of the tape. So let's see how to better use double-sided tape?

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  In the past, we often posted some things, but in most cases we like to use double-sided paste, so we will use glue when we paste on both sides, but the glue has great defects, because the glue will be used when the glue is used. When it is wet, the paper will be deformed, so there will be glue sticks later, but the glue sticks often stick off. However, the appearance of double-sided tape, the lack of glue, it does not affect the shape of the paper products, and the bonding performance is very good, in time, after long-term use, there will still be no degumming phenomenon, the appearance is also very good Therefore, the use of double-sided tape is now more and more extensive.

  The double-sided tape produced by the tape manufacturer has become very common in various aspects of the current application, such as sealing the carton mouth, sticking the couplet, dip the report and so on. This shows the importance of double-sided tape, but we must remember the correct use of tape, otherwise it will not achieve its effectiveness.

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