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How to distinguish the quality of the tape has two aspects to start with

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        Tape is often used in our daily life. It belongs to our daily necessities. The production cost of tape is low and the price is cheap. It is very popular among consumers. The tape on the market is good or bad. How to distinguish it? Let us know by the tape manufacturer!

Tape manufacturer


Don't think that thick tape is good. The regular tape thickness is between 20 and 28 microns. The thicker ones are mostly because the tape is made with impurities when it is made, so the thickness is increased. Do not think that the bright color of the tape is a good tape, because they are used to cover the impurities when the tape is produced, and the toner is mixed with the color powder. Generally, the egg yellow and light green tape are generally inferior.

      By sticking the tape and pinching it quickly, you can pull off the glue on one side and you can see the purity and transparency of the original film. If there is no glue pulled apart or pulled apart, there is a lot of impurities in the glue, and the glue has no cohesion. Or the water is too much, it has already volatilized. At this time, the initial adhesion of the tape has been greatly reduced, and the hand feeling can be distinguished.

 The effect of the tape produced by the scotch tape manufacturer is very important when it is used. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to two aspects when selecting.

      On the one hand, since the adhesive action of the tape is the moisture of the surface adhesive, the microporosity of the surface of the adhesive is very important for the selection of the adhesive tape, if the microporosity is relatively high or the moisture absorption is relatively high. If it is large, the tape used must be a tape that is quickly condensed by the adhesive, otherwise it will not have good effects and effects. On the other hand, the tape is coated with an adhesive on the base tape, and it should be fully dried before being finished into a roll. Otherwise, if the tape is too moist, it will stick tightly together, making it difficult to open, and some cannot be used at all.

      If it is a sticker on the surface of a hard object, we can apply it on the surface of the object with grease-free nail polish, then wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

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