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The historical source of tape and how to distinguish the quality of the tape

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Historical source of tape

       In 1928, Scotch tape Richard Drew, São Paulo, Minnesota, applied for the United Kingdom and the United States on May 30, 1928. Drew developed a very light, pressure-matching adhesive, the first attempt Not sticky enough, so Drew was told: "Get this stuff back to your Scottish boss and ask them to put more glue!" ("Scotland" means "吝啬" But during the Great Depression, people This tape was found in a few 1928 Scotch tape Richard Drew, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

      Why can tape stick things? Of course it is because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface! The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants. In the 19th century, rubber was the main component of adhesives; modern times, various polymers were widely used. Adhesives can stick to things because their own molecules form bonds with the molecules of the object to be joined. This bond can firmly bond the molecules together.

      The composition of the adhesive varies from brand to brand and from polymer to polymer. In the early 20s of the two-color car popular, 3M company researcher Dick Drew accidentally heard the workers in the body shop complaining that the strong adhesive tape used in painting the body would cause a lot of paint peeling off. They are so harmful that they have to make up the paint. He then set about developing a low-viscosity adhesive tape, which is also the world's first cover tape. However, the president of 3M is unwilling to support the plan, but Drew has not given up. He seized the opportunity of a small number of orders and continued his research work. A few years later, Drew invented cellophane tape. During the Second World War,

      Look at the peeling force of the tape. Another way is to take a piece of tape and seal it on the box to see if it is easy to lift, whether it is easy to break, whether it can break the surface of the carton after tearing. The common sealing tape in daily life (BOPP biaxial stretching Propylene is an indispensable daily necessities for any precision steel pipe enterprise, company, and personal life. However, compared with the current situation in China, there are many manufacturers and the technology is uneven. Moreover, the technical content of the domestic tape industry is still at a very low stage, and the national fume hood does not have a clear choice. People often know the tape at a very ignorant stage. They think that the price is low and the viscosity is good. In fact, these are misunderstandings and judgments.

Tape manufacturer


So how do you choose the quality of the tape? In fact, the glue of the tape has two standards in use, one is the initial adhesion and the other is the retention force, which is inversely proportional. Under normal circumstances, the adhesive tape with a viscosity lower than 10 is less adhesive coating, generally only about 20 microns, such as stationery tape, the tape used for general promotion. The initial adhesive force of a normal sealing tape is between 15 and 20, and the thickness of the tape glue is generally 22-28 microns. Is the thickness that meets the standard. However, most of the tapes on the market are mixed with chiller impurities, so the thickness is increased, so as to mask the impurities, the glue is also mixed with toner, so the scotch tape appears egg yellow, light green, and the tape is generally inferior. of.

      How do you distinguish between colored tapes? For colored tape, it is generally more yellow and khaki. By pinching the adhesive and then pulling it open quickly, the rubber can be pulled off and the purity and transparency of the original film can be seen. You can also look at the thickness of the glue. If there is no glue to be pulled apart or pulled apart, there is a lot of impurities in the glue, and the glue has no cohesion. Second, there is too much water, and the snacks of Wuxi have been volatilized. At this time, the initial adhesion of the tape has been greatly reduced, and the feel can be distinguished. In fact, there are many ways to distinguish between good and bad tapes. As long as you pay more attention to your life, you can tell whether the tape is good or bad. First go over the water and then scrape it off with a small blade. Self-adhesive cleaning method!

The friends who drive the car have been exposed to stickers, such as a lot of small ornaments in the car, the use of transparent tape for wedding garlands, some certificates of accessories, etc., when these things are removed, they will often be in the car or The surface of the car body leaves traces of self-adhesive that are difficult to remove, can not be removed, and can not be scraped with a hard object. How to do it? In practice, the following two methods were found to be good: alcohol removal. Use a soft cloth to pick up a sufficient amount of 95% alcohol, and then gently wipe the adhesive, the adhesive will easily soften and detach, and alcohol will not cause any damage to the plastic parts or the paint surface. However, it is sometimes found that alcohol is not very effective for some self-adhesives. At this time, you can use a soft cloth to pick up a little gasoline and wipe the adhesive. At this time, you should pay attention to the "dissolving" effect of gasoline on a certain plastic or paint. So be sure to use it carefully: either first and gently observe it in an unimportant place, if you have no problem, use it; but be careful not to use too much gasoline, and try to be short! I have tried to wipe the surface of the car body with gasoline for a short time, which has no obvious effect on the paint film on the car body surface. In this way, the self-adhesive is very easy to get rid of it... Buy a bottle of glue to get 20 yuan, can be used in many places. It can also be used for a long time.

Is there any way to remove the glue on the door? Use a strong adhesive tape to stick some decorations on the door. After removing it, you can see the glue marks on the door. You can use gasoline or kerosene to wipe off the adhesive tape, or buy 1200 water sandpaper to spray the water to remove the stains, then buy a can of transparent varnish, dilute with banana oil, and return to the light with a brush. Do not use nail polish to wipe the brush, although you can go to the glue, but the door will become a white spot. Tape: first scrape off the tape with a knife and then wipe with oil; the frosted glass scrapes off the tape and wipes with turpentine.

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