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Just five steps to choose the right sealing tape tip

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Smell the smell

If the taste is very strong, there is a smell of sour smell, the retention of the tape is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, the basic sticking on the carton will crack, the thicker the taste, the initial sticky force is still very sticky, but The glue surface will soon dry up and lose its colloidality. At that time, there will be cracks on the surface of the tape. Because of the uneven relationship between the glue.

Look at the brightness of the film

Generally, inferior tapes are dark in color, and the tape has a high probability of breaking and has poor strength.

Feel film thickness

Tapes that feel hard on the film are generally inferior, and the actual number of meters is reduced due to the film thickness. The film selected for good tape is soft and stretchable with hand.

Look at color

Generally, the whiter the appearance of the transparent tape, the less the impurity of the tape, the better the adhesiveness can be ensured. The tape below 100 meters has a certain transparency to see the paper tube. The yellow tape looks at the surface of the tape with irregular white spots, and the imprinted with impurities or glued blots by hand, this product generally has an odor.

Look at the paper tube

Tapes that use thick paper tubes are generally used to mislead consumption. The production of tape began from abroad, so the inner diameter of the paper tube of the tape is 7.6 cm uniform, but the inferior tape is enough for the thickness of the paper tube, and this situation is still related to many consumers. Many people think that the thicker the paper tube is, the bigger the outer ring is, the more the tape is wound, and the sharp one seems to be correct. In fact, can you calculate it carefully? Let's say that with a 3 mm paper tube and a 7 mm paper tube, if the thickness of the two rolls of tape from the outer diameter of the paper tube to the edge of the tape is 1 cm, we can use a mathematical formula to calculate the 7 mm paper tube comparison. Can a 3 mm paper tube be a few meters thick for every 1 cm of glue?

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