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What kind of industry is high temperature resistant tape used in addition to high temperature industry?

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      The high temperature resistant tape not only has strong high temperature resistance, but also has good performance in other aspects. Therefore, the application of high temperature resistant tape is very extensive, not only when it is used in high temperature environment. To high-temperature tape, other high-temperature environments will use high-temperature tape, what kind of field is there?

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1. Cement. When producing cement, high temperature resistant tape is used, but at this time it is necessary to require the tape to have great corrosion resistance. Because the cement itself is very corrosive, the maximum requirement for the tape is that the corrosion must be achieved. .


2, packaging. In the packaging industry, the temperature requirements for industrial environments are generally not high, but must achieve good sealing performance, and the biggest characteristic of high temperature resistant tape is that its sealing is good, so the packaging industry will often use high temperature resistance. tape.


3. Building seals. For the construction, in many cases, it is also necessary to achieve a good sealing. Not only does the tape require good sealing performance, but also the adaptability of the material. The general tape is difficult to be placed on the building material. Use, but the high temperature resistant tape can be very good in the adaptability of the material, so it is also a good building material, not only its material adaptability, but also keeps it long when used. The service life.

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