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Tape manufacturer equipment failure and maintenance methods

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There are many kinds of sealing tape equipment in Qingdao tape factory. Here are the most common tape production equipment and the most common failure repair methods of tape equipment:

1. The clamping action of the sealing tape production equipment is too slow or the clamping stroke is insufficient. Generally, this phenomenon exists for a long time. At this point, our repairman can tighten the bolts. At this point, we need to pay attention to the correct position of the front axle. You can also replace the front button or the inner plate of the machine, and test its function after the above actions. If the travel is too short, fine the front button axis upward; if the movement is slow, fine the front button axis downward.

2. Air leakage at the piston rod of the tape production equipment: the bottom ring of the tape machine body is damaged. At this time, we should replace the ring timely. If the maintenance time is delayed, there will be inevitable loss.

3. Air leakage at the outlet of the rubber belt production equipment: in this part, the damage of switch valve ring or switch seat ring or piston ring is particularly frequent. At this point, the operator should tell the repairman in time to replace the ring as soon as possible.

4. Air leakage at the trigger of the rubber belt production equipment: the most common failure in this link is damage to the switch valve ring or switch seat ring. In the same way, it is feasible to replace the ring in time.

5. The belt production equipment has a loose drive ring, which cannot be positioned: in this structure, the plastic steel bar and drive spring are inelastic, which is easy to occur. The maintenance personnel shall remove the combination of the plate machine and reinstall the spring tip or replace the plastic steel bar and drive spring.

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