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Do you know a few about the magical use of colored tape?

Date of release:2018-06-08 Author:Qingdao Mingguan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. Click:

Tape manufacturers said that all kinds of handwork can let us enjoy the slow life. Love DIY is a good habit of pleasing people. No matter how busy, don't forget to leave some time for yourself.

Looking at this colorful tape of colored tape, is your mood clearing up at once? The seemingly ordinary tape actually has so many patterns and colors. By simply tearing and sticking, without professional-grade tools, we can play a unique collage game, which can be easily used by both adults and children. Let's experience the magical power of colored tape together.

1. Correction: Does the correction fluid contain toxic chemical components? What method is used to correct the mistake and use the rubber? Still stick it with tape, it is non-toxic and harmless, and the children know it. The used parts were also folded into stars by them, which is really clever. Choose now, the new rainbow with soft color is still a beautiful dream tape?

2, clothes dust: Who does not have a few favorite black clothes? Can be accidentally covered with fluff from other clothes, who can not accept the black dress black skirt from the elegant level of the party to the kitchen rag level, don't worry, stick it with tape, three times five and two, get it.

3, gift decoration: DIY pure hand-made, hand-wrapped gifts sent out enough sincerity.

       Nowadays, the type of tape and the range of use are relatively wide. It is applied to all aspects of life and industry. The effect of air on glue is small, but the dust in the air will stain the surface of the glue, thus reducing the tape. Sex. Therefore, the shorter the exposure time of the glue in the air, the better. We recommend sticking the tape immediately after removing the release paper. When the temperature rises, the glue and foam will soften and the bond strength will decrease, but the adhesion is better. When the temperature is lowered, the tape becomes hard and the bond strength rises but the fit is deteriorated. The tape properties return to their original values as the temperature returns to normal.

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