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What do you know about the shelf life and use time of tape?

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When we shop for food, we pay attention to the shelf life of the food. Because the food we want to buy is healthy. And for tape we rarely care about this. In fact, the tape manufacturers wholesale tapes also have a shelf life.

The expired tape, its initial tack, adhesion and retention are greatly reduced, and the function is greatly reduced. Originally, this tape can withstand temperatures above 100 °C, and after deterioration, it may only be resistant to 30 °C. In addition, the insulation properties and waterproof properties of the tape are affected, and these factors also indirectly affect the safety of our lives and property. In general, the tape used in the electrical industry has a half life span of three years, and three years have passed, then you may have to change the tape. For the tape used in the automotive industry, its requirements are higher and the life expectancy is about 10 years.

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So we have to look at its shelf life when buying tape. Prevent the purchase of expired tape that does not work well.

In order to save cost and time, most merchants will wholesale a large amount of tape from the tape manufacturers at one time, but many wholesalers did not expect to wholesale a large amount of tape at one time, storage becomes a problem, if it is not properly protected, it will face a Huge loss. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the way you usually store, this is not a problem.

It is necessary to separate the tapes of different specifications. This is more convenient. It is also convenient when used. It is also remembered that it should not be placed in a damp place or in a place where the temperature is too high. The tape is originally If the temperature is too high, it will cause the glue to fail, which will affect our use.

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