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Ordinary transparent tape

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Which is good in Qingdao tape factory

Scotch tape is divided into natural transparent tape, ultra-clear tape and light yellow transparent tape, also known as BOPP tape/sealing tape/packaging tape, etc. The raw material is BOPP film plus synthetic rubber, and BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film is used as the substrate. After the high pressure corona treatment of the BOPP original film, the surface of the BOPP is roughened, and the sub-sensitive adhesive emulsion is evenly applied by heating to form a rubber layer ranging from 8 μm to 28 μm, first forming a parent roll, and then passing through a slitting machine. Dividing into small rolls of varying sizes is the tape we use every day. The tape glue is acrylate glue, also known as pressure sensitive glue, the main component is rouge. Rouge is a kind of polymer active substance, and the temperature has a certain influence on molecular activities. The rouge content of the glue directly affects the use of the tape. The initial adhesive force of the normal sealing tape is between ≥13 (steel ball number), and the thickness of the tape glue is generally 22 micrometers, which is a standard thickness.

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